About Death Valley National Park

Death Valley National Park is a land of immense vertical relief and highly colorful landform. A world-class geologic classroom (the oldest exposed rocks date from 1.7 billion years ago), its natural phenomena is of nearly mystical proportions. It is now a renowned photographer's paradise - there is simply no other place on earth like it. Outside of Alaska, Death Valley National Park is America’s largest National Park, offering nearly 3.4 million acres (5,219 square miles!) of desert solitude - approximately 93% of which are designated Wilderness.

Towering and seasonally snow-capped mountains; 200 square other-worldly miles of salt-pan at the lowest point in North America (Badwater Basin, -282 feet below sea level); sinuous, narrow, and fossil-laden limestone, marble, and dolomite canyons; rippled and "singing/booming" sand dunes; stark and immense sensuous and towering sand dunes; natural warm springs; immense desert basins; and the mysterious moving rocks of The Racetrack playa - all offering several  lifetimes of opportunity for any nature and landscape photographer. 

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